Opera Max Update Brings New UI, Data Savings for Facebook, and Others

Opera Software has released a fresh update for Opera Max, its data saving and management app for Android users. The new Opera Max (v3.0.31) brings a bunch of new features to the app including an all new design, as well as performance improvements for ease-of-use.

The most notable new feature is its smart functionality that suggests a familiar feed of cards based on your Android app usage. The UI is simplified to show a “app by app” mobile and Wi-Fi data usage as well as provide you suggestions on how to reduce wasted data. Tip cards in the home feed will suggest the most efficient way to use your mobile data plan and help manage your apps’ data consumption.

Opera has also added data savings for Facebook with Opera Max 3.0. You’ll be able to receive updates, browse news, and chat while saving up to 50 percent of your data plan while using Opera Max’s Facebook Web app. Additionally, the new version also brings some helpful security updates that include reporting external threats and providing data encryption to ensure your personal information is protected when, for example, you happen to use public Wi-Fi.

“We hope the new Opera Max will give you more power to put your data usage and app privacy under your control. These advanced features are very powerful but super easy to use with our all new Max 3.0 design,” Sergey Lossev, Head of Product, Opera Max said in a blog post.

Android users can download the new Opera Max 3.0 from Google Play.

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