Vodafone is giving 9GB 4G data per month to users for free

It seems that Vodafone is intent on doing everything it can to ensure that customers don’t switch over to rival reliance Jio. TO retain its postpaid customers, the telco is offering 9GB of free 4G data per month for three months. This means that user will get 27GB of free data.

Vodafone Red Postpaid users who have already opted for RS 499, RS 699, RS 999, RS 1299, RS 1699, RS 1999 and RS 2999 plans will get 9GB of free 4G data over and above the ‘Free Internet Quota’ that comes with the plans.

To opt for a plan, users have to visit – https://shop.vodafone.in/shop/offers/handsetoffer.jsp — and enter their postpaid number. however, they should have a minimum of 1GB bundled data to be eligible for the 9GB/month plan.

Vodafone has also launched a free international roaming pack for customers traveling to the US, UAE, and Singapore. Dubbed Vodafone i-Roam Free, the service includes three packs of RS 5000, RS 3500, RS 2500. The packs include unlimited calling and data usage for these three countries. For other Countries, users get benefits on international roaming along with low outgoing calls and data charge.

The RS 5000 plan is valid for 30 days and includes no hidden charges. On the other hand, the RS 3500 and RS 2500 packs are valid for 10 days and 7 days respectively.

There is also an option to activate a special roaming pack, which can be used to avail all benifits while travelling to 47 countries. This is charged at RS 500 per 24 hours of usage.

Earlier this month, Vodafone complained to Trai that Reliance Jio is still making customers subscribe to the latter’s ‘Summer Surprise’ offer, despite being ordered to withdraw the same.


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