7 Things you must do while using free WiFi

You are out and about, doing your shopping at the mall. or you have just checked into a hotel and you need to use your email so you need an internet connection. so what will you do? Here I will give you 7 things you must do while using free WiFi. in most of the cases you will find free public wifi, if it is there you will use it otherwise you will use your personal data but in that case, you will go to your maximum data limit. so you have only one choice that is free wifi. but just a second, is it safe? No. it is not.

In most of the cases, free wifi does not provide you firewall connection so anyone who is available on your public network can access your device. so now what will you do?


Step 1: Keep your phone’s OS updated

operating system

Operating system updates aren’t just about delivering new features to your pc or mobiles. they are sent out to harden the operating system, fix the vulnerability and prevent hackers to stealing your data. whenever google or other company sent you new updates, asap download it and install that. operating system updates contain new features and some new security features also.

Step 2: Use Mobile anti-virus Softwares

anti virus software


Anti-virus software is most important factor for device security. this anti-virus software contains inbuilt firewall which prevents some un-necessary activities and gives you useful and reliable content.

it might have happened that your friend knows your PC’s IP so that he/she can get access to your pc without your permission(if your device doesn’t have a firewall). instead of this feature anti-virus contain many other features like clear cache, clear virus, clear spam folders, delete unnecessary files and safe internet browsing.

Step 3: Slow public WiFi hints at ‘danger’

slow internetyou connect with open wifi and found that the internet is slow? Is trouble even making a connection to the sign-in page? Take care- or better still, disconnect. there is a chance that this sluggish speed is because the router has been compromised.

It might happen that you are not connected to the router but some other device posting that network. speed may appear slow because data is being routed via the other device. but what could the other device be? well, using public wifi opens you up to all sorts of cyber criminals. as well as ‘sniffing’ your wireless signal for username/password information, scammers might configure their device as a fake router. so as soon as you enter your personal information on the internet, they will get that. so do not connect with slower wifi.

step 4: Avoid Online shopping or banking

online transection


nowadays so many fake websites are online. these websites can be blocked by your personal internet connections but can not be blocked by open public wifi. so if you are using public wifi but there is no anti-virus in your system, then you might be in trouble. Becuase if you open your bank site or any online shopping site then it might be a fake site. and if you can’t recognize it and enter your personal details like name, birthdate and credit/debit card details then hacker get that details. yes, OTP security is there but nowadays it also can be hacked. so there is no security. so do not open any sensitive site on open wifi.

step 5: Use two-factor authentication

two factor authentication


If any site or your mobile provides you Two-factor authentication then you must use it. In Two-factor authentication, you have to configure two times to enter your account. Gmail provides you two-factor authentication. in that first, you will enter your Gmail password then google sent you OTP to your registered mobile phone which you have to enter into the login page. once you enter OTP then you are allowed to use your Gmail.

this will help you a lot. if someone by chance gets your password then also they can not enter to your Gmail because they need OTP which will come to you. so it is very secure.

step 6: Connect VPN(virtual private network)



virtual private network(VPN) is something which makes one tunnel between your device and server which can not interrupt by others. every request you sent to the server will encrypt with one key and then sent to your server, in response server will also be sent you encrypted data. so if someone interrupts(which is not possible at all) then also they can not read your data. so use VPN on open wifi to make your connection more secure.

step 7: Disconnect wifi when not in use

Most of the people keep their mobile connected with wifi after the job is done. just because they think that this is free to use and there is no loss of personal data. but it might put you in trouble. if you are connected with free wifi for a long time and not doing anything then the hacker will get so much time to decrypt your mobile phone and enter into your phone. in the encryption process, there will one key which continuously change but the hacker has that much time to decrypt it. so just disconnect when you don’t need wifi.

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