Samsung files a patent that explores palm scanning for forgotten password

Samsung has reportedly filed a patent that explores using palm scanning to remember forgotten passwords.

“Samsung thinks a person’s palm can be used to help users remember their password by hiding the hint in those scattered lines, tech website SamMobile reported late on Thursday.

According to the 42-page patent, the company has envisioned a way for devices to use the front camera to take a picture and then the phone will be able to verify the identity, as long as palm lines match with the ones already stored in the smartphone.

“This isn’t a method for unlocking similar to iris or fingerprint scanning; instead, Samsung wants to use palm scanning to ensure that the user requesting for the password hint is the owner of the device,” the report added.

The company currently offers eye scans, facial recognition, fingerprint identification, pattern and PIN codes as security measures.

The South Korean tech giant is also expected to unveil its flagship Galaxy S9 and a foldable Galaxy X at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas.

Source: Firstpost

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