Google has made Reliance Jio Phone more interesting now! Check out new feature

Google For India: Reliance JioPhone will be the first feature phone to offer Google Assistant support.

Reliance JioPhone will be the first feature phone to offer Google Assistant support, the US software giant has revealed. Google has officially announced that its popular ‘Assistant’ will feature on the Reliance Jio Phone. The voice-based AI assistant by Google was earlier available only on Android mobiles and Android Wear devices. But now, India’s cheapest 4G VoLTE feature phone will get a virtual assistant from Google too. Google had announced the Assistant in 2016, but this will be the first instance when a feature phone will get such a feature. As of now, we know that the new Jio Phones will have the Google Assistant, but there is no clarity on whether the old device will get it too.

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It is clear that both Reliance Jio and Google wants to reach out to the masses. Both the companies have been aggressively pushing for products directed at “every Indian”. Interestingly, Reliance had already incorporated a voice-based platform on its Jio Phone. However, with Google Assistant the phone will be capable of doing much more, including internet browsing, searching, opening web pages, etc. Google said that the software will be available in both English and Hindi. We can expect the Google Assistant on Jio mobile to work with more languages in the future.

Reliance Jio has already claimed that it has received millions of booking for the 4G mobile. It has already delivered a huge number of devices. This essentially means that Google wants to access the millions of users on its platform. The Jio Phone uses the company’s 4G LTE network and provides fast internet access and other smartphone features to a vast majority of Indians, who still cannot afford a smartphone.

Google, on Tuesday, hosted its ‘Google for India’ event in New Delhi. Apart from announcing Google’s achievements in India over the past year, the company also launched the Android Oreo (Go Edition) in the country. Google has made the Go Edition of Android Oreo available in India, with which it aims to target entry-level smartphones. Google also announces a search app for low-budget phones. It is called Google Go. Google Go will be the default search app for Android Oreo (Go Edition).

Source: Financial Express

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