Google Chrome Remote Desktop Now Available as a Web App

Citing the recent suspension of Chrome apps on most platforms (Chrome OS excluded), Google has found a solution to keep alive its popular Chrome Remote Desktop app. Google has released a Web app version for the service and its beta is now available for download. The old version is currently available in the Chrome Web Store but might be pulled off once the Web app leaves beta.

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop has emerged as a major Teamviewer alternative considering its ease of use and Google compatibility. It has been one of the few Chrome apps that achieved multi-platform success and the closure of apps on the Chrome Web Store will not deter its usability, as the feature is now accessible via You can login to the website and access your remote devices like you normally would on the app. All devices set up for Chrome Remote Access will be available in your account.

To remotely control your PC, you need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host on the computer and need to run it whenever the PC is switched on. This will give you remote access from anywhere in the world, provided you log in with your credentials on the web app. On Chromebooks (running Chrome OS), the regular app will remain available for the foreseeable future. The Web app, however, will offer a streamlined experience if you access your files on multiple platforms.

Google recently shut down apps on the Chrome Web Store. This move comes in the wake of the tech giant’s push towards Progressive Web Apps. By early 2018, Chrome apps will be rendered unusable and instead be replaced by the newer Progressive Web Apps.

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